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We provide it free because we think IPv6 is that important for people to get connected to. You still have the overhead of your IPv6 packets encapsulated inside your IPv4, so your throughput over the tunnel will obviously be affected by that variation. We do not rate limit the tunnels, and the machines have additional ports we can enable if we ever do saturate their GIGE uplinks with tunnel traffic. There is no additional cost for running them on our already dual-stacked multiple 10G-link backbone that we operate. We do not get IPv6 transit from anyone (paid or otherwise, so no cost there either), and provide IPv6 transit to customers or peer with other networks. In truth, the only real cost is our time. However since we already work tirelessly to promote IPv6 adoption, it is again essentially operating at no cost, since we are already working on it Cheesy

There are no plans to dismantle the tunnel broker or the tunnels. I think the entire world would have to go native IPv6 before that would even be plausible, and adoption with the eyeball networks is still dragging heels (although yes there are the Comcast announcements for the US, and some EU residential providers are already native, but that isn't 100% of all eyeballs/residences).
How/why is hurricane electric giving this service away for free?
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